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With its history of literature, philosophy and the arts, Bloomsbury is the central London sanctuary that inspires creative thought. My Bloomsbury is designed to do the same. Serene contemporary design guestrooms, comfortable hot desks and fine gastronomy give you a personal hub that is welcoming, laid back and easy. And with Soho, Oxford St. and Covent Garden just a stroll away; and trains from Euston and King’s Cross close too – the location is perfect.

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"The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail."

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A personalised service that reflects your tastes

My Hotel treats guests as individuals. We give you a personal, intuitive and fuss free service that reflects your tastes and needs. With My Preferences you can tell us exactly what you like and need, and not only will we try to make it happen there and then, we will store your preferences so that it’s quicker and easier for us to get it for you next time.

Whether it’s your favourite type of pillow, weight of duvet; that you’re a music fan, bookworm or design enthusiast, we will try and make your stay just that little more special. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will also give you bespoke recommendations on places to eat or visit in the local neighbourhood, based on what you like.

By booking your room directly with us, you can add information onto My Preferences. Or just contact the hotel direct and speak with one of our team.

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This project combines two subjects that are dear to us: art and environmentalism. 
Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro, aka Hula, painted beautiful hyper-realistic murals on to icebergs freshly broken off from melting glaciers, knowing that his works would soon disappear. About this project, called A’o ‘Ana (Hawaiian for ‘The Warning’), Hula said: “I hope [the murals] ignite a sense of urgency, as they represent the millions of people in need of our help who are already being affected from the rising sea levels of climate change.”
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Today we're celebrating Black Friday and for one day only it will be your chance to book a room in one of our three beautiful boutique hotels for just £1! 
When booking for 2 nights or more between 20 December and 31 January (except 30 and 31 December) the first night will be only £1. To book, please call 0333 240 9094.

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