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Gail’s Kitchen

Exceptional food and drink all day

GAIL’s is a London-based bakery, specialising in craft bread. We bake using natural ingredients and plenty of time. We believe that every community should be able to enjoy good bread and we open early daily to serve handmade breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.


Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday:
from 7:00am to 10pm

from  8:00am to 10pm

from 8:00am to  6pm

Gail’s Bakery

Incredible bread – and much more

Gail’s Bakery are a highly respected group of artisanal bakers in London. They love the tradition and skill that goes in to baking bread, and the never-ending quest for the finest ingredients. Here you can pick up a world-class loaf from a seasonal, ever-changing range. You can choose a sandwich, freshly made salad, or a slice of cake. They also serve top-notch coffee made by carefully trained baristas, plus loose-leaf teas and cold drinks.